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Problem with new rims & tires


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When I sold my WRX I kept my aftermarket rims & tires that came with the car. I now decided to put them on my 05 LGT.

They are ADR rims with 38mm offset & 225/45/17 Hankook K104 tires

with about 70% tread remaining. I noticed they seem very close to the calipers on the front and also seems to be very close to the struts.

The tires are very noisy compared to the stock RE92s. They seemed Ok on my WRX. They are directional tires and I double checked that they

are all pointed in the correct direction. I don't notice anything rubbing

but I'm thinking maybe the 38MM offset is a problem. Maybe 1/4 washers

between the rim and hub would help or some spacers? I never had them balanced but I don't notice any vibration or shake in the wheel. I've had

it up to 80 MPH. Does anyone know if these tires are just very noisy?

The noise mainly seems like it from the front and I checked the CV boots and they seem fine. I didn't check the wheel bearings, but the noise only started after installing the tires. Tire pressure is correct also.

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