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Guys..Help me here...


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After doing a lot of researching and reading about spring and strut combination. I figured that ION is a pretty good spring considered it has specific design rate throught out all the model in our legacy. At the mean time, Bilstein HD is one of the most acceptable mild suspension upgrade options we've got.


The original idea is good springs + good struts = excellent suspension setup so I put Bilstein HD and ION 2.5i wagon spring together. (w/ HD spring setup at rear)


Considering the road condition in Houston is no better than that in California, I am expecting the ride to be better handling but no harshness. Also, I did trim the bump stop for both front and rear in order to get an even more comfortable ride.


However, the ride is really really harsh. I 've got a lot of bouncy move for street driving at only 35mph.

Sometimes, I feel that the struts are not dampening to absorb the bump from running over pot holes and man holes. I even think the suspension on my friend's mazda 3 is firmer and better than my current setup. My fiancee is complaining a lot and now I am really upset as well.


So, guys please help me here on these questions....


Can I adjust Bilstein HD to softer and better dampening???

Will the ride be more comfortable if I reuse my stock wagon springs on Bilstein HD???


Or could the harshness is resulted from the following causes???

1. Installation problem??

2. spring and stut combination is not right???

3. the Bilstein HD strust I got are defective ones???

4. .....??????

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