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Im about to to black my wheels, headlights, and grill this weekend. Can anyone give me some recommendations on what brand / kind of paint to use on these 3 projects? I know how to do these projects ( split the headlights, prep the wheels for paint, and the DIY grill ) but I would like to know what kind of paint to use. I take it just standard gloss black will do, but im concerend about the grill and headlights mostly. Because of the fact the grill is plastic, and thus will flex a bit with road vibrations, I dont want to see cracks apearing. Also can I use just standard high gloss black on the headlight peices, and should I clear coat these peices? I painted the wheels on my old sti, however I traded it in soon after for the legacy I have now. So, because of that I didn't get to see any problems with my work. Is there anything I should watchout for in the long term? I would love to go with powdercoating, however funds are short and I really like the way my sti wheels came out. Of course I sanded, primered, painted, then clear coated them. I didn't just grab a can of gloss black and go wild.



Here's how the STI BBS wheel came out on my old STI



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Without a doubt this is the paint you want:




I paint a lot of stuff including grill, gas tanks (MC), rims, various MC parts and the Gloss Black is by far the BEST! It takes on heat easily, doesn't chip easy and doesn't fade. I painted my friends Kawi gas tank without clear and its awesome especially when you buff it.


If you are decent at painting you shouldn't even have to wetsand. Let it sit for 1 or 2 and then wax or sand. I dont recommend clear on this because it isn't needed. The clears you buy off the shelf anywhere fail if chemicals get on them. Like I said I painted a tank and it gets gas on it all the time and never has peeled!


Light strokes while slowly adding layers. ...hope this helps

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