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single turbo conversion.....


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Hey guys im new to the website!

Anyway iv got a 1995 legacy 2.0L Gt twin turbo.

Recently i had a full (turbo back) exhaust installed. i then started having problems with overboosting and was pretty much told that i would have to restrict the exhaust somewhat to slow down the exhaust gases as the stock wastegates are too small.

Anyway after talking to another mechanic he suggested the best way to go (if i want to add more power) is to have a single turbo conversion.

Is this right? How much work is involved and is it worth it? how much should this cost and are there other things that could go wrong if i decide to go down this path?

All help appreciated,


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Hehe, what mechanic might that be then? Wouldn't be Ryan from winger greenlane would it?


Potential small world stuff aside, pop over to http://www.ClubSUB.org.nz, in the legacy section sticky is a link to my conversion thread. Don't get put off by my incomprehensible writing, it's actually a very very simple job

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Reuben thanks for linking me to NZ subaru site as well (somehow i hadnt come across it yet).

The conversion thread looks great tho i dont think i have the know-how or time to be doing that myself :) - may just pay to get it done i think.

Anyway did you find there was much of a performance increase from the tt setup?

from what i can see the legacy tt's are pretty limited to the power you can get out of them without spending a lot of mony wich is y im keen on this conversion idea.

but yea obviously the main advantage is the ease of modding once its single turbo.

Cheers James.

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Well the know how really isn't needed, but a mate who knows a bit about subies to help can be life saving.


The reward, is a MUCH much nicer, and easy to use power curve, driving with twin turbo just gives me headache's. Power wise, there's little difference, though if you do a 3 plug conversion while you're at it, you'll get a large and reliable speed bump, and PLEANTY of room for future modding.


Mate, if you're considering it, go out and go shopping for the parts you need, because it is such a rewarding mod. It also makes the car so much easier to work on, work with, and it will give you virtually no problems compared to the TT setup where a million things can go wrong.

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