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Great weekend, great car!

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Drove down the California coast to stay in Carmel to celebrate my wife's birthday. Beautiful drive with some very well placed passing lanes. Passed a slower string of cars on a long straightaway, and was surprised to see how quickly and effortlessly we reached triple digits.

At her suggestion, we drove further south through the Big Sur area. A more challenging and stimulating driving environment, spent a lot of shifting time between second and third gears. This car eats the curves.

On the way home, passing another string of cars, we encountered THAT GUY--you know, pass the slower vehicles and SIT in the passing lane. He was watching me in his rear view mirror of his 4 Runner (I know, this wasn't fair, but he was being rude), so I signaled my move back into the slow lane and watched him accelerate. Went WOT in 4th, and blew by him. Very long straightaway, so I took it up to 105 before before slowing things down again. My wife is laughing because 1/2 mile ahead, a Prius sees us approaching and is hugging the shoulder. By the time we catch up to the Prius, are cruising at 55 and the Prius is turning left.

Now I look into the rear view and here come the 4 Runner. We are entering a nice curvy section of the road, so it's back down into fourth, give it a little gas and away we go. By the time we encountered another cluster of cars, the 'Runner is

not to be seen.

While I have done some fun driving, this is the first time that I've really put the LGT through it's paces. It's very comfortable for the driver and passenger, and It's got enough in the gut to keep me satisfied.

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