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Brembo Front and Rear Caliper + Pads + ?


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So I am buying Brembo front and rear calipers for a 2007 Legacy SpecB...they come with pads and thats all...What else will I need for the install? I know I'll need brake lines, rotors + mounting hardware. Anything else? Where can I get the mounting hardware especially for the rears that mount to the ebrake?


Thanks for the help. I'm a NEWB!

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there are many of these topics on the front page.


rears require a mounting adapter bracket (fastwrx.com has one and boostjunkie sells them although he's been flaky as hell recently) and one of these 2 options-

1) get a special adapter rotor. i can tell you where to find them for cheap if you PM me)

2) get unclemat's special ebrake adapter to allow you to use 04 sti rear rotors.

car for sale. PM me!
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