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Fuel economy in a 97 GT-B ( AT )


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When I first purchased this car 2 years ago , the first thing to really hit hard on my mind about it was the absolutely awful fuel economy I was and still am getting. I understand that this is a TT so I can't expect amazing fuel economy but at the moment im only getting around 400K/M to a full tank of gasoline ( 100oct ) which is setting me back 7000-8000yen per week ( 70 - 80 $ ) I figure something must be wrong. My friend's 2001 GT-B Spec II gets much better fuel usage.


Is there any tips you can give for fuel economy , or any diagnostic you could guess at what could be causing this?

A friend reccomended fitting a CAI which I have done , and I have also changed out the back and middle pipe as I was told this would improve the engine's ability to breath. I saw very little no absolutely no improvement with these additions.


Here is my usual day with the car : It's now winter and snowing heavy so...



15 Minuets idle time in the morning to warm up

10 minuets drive to work / no trafic lights

5 Minuets turbo timer

10 minuets warmup after finish work

10 minuets drive back

5 minuets turbo timer


Weekends :

15 Minuets warmup

40 minuets drive to shopping area

5 minuets on turbo timer

40 mins drive back

5 minuets turbo timer


= one full tank of gasoline.

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My fuel consumption varies from 22mpg to 30mpg.

Or almost single figures when having fun :D


You spend 30mins a day in idle, even when not driving.


Drive straight away, but stay off or use very light boost.

This allows the oil to warm up quicker, and also the ECU get of cold start settings sooner.

It takes a lot lot longer to get up to temp when idling.


Cooling down is relevant to how much you've been on boost.

If you 'rag it' to work, then yes 5mins would be appropriate.

However if you're just cruising, and have spend very little (primary turbo) or no time on boost within the last mile, 1min will be adequate.


Try this and fuel consuption will probably improve :)


These cars tend to do better over longer distances, than local town work.


Might be worth getting the MAF and lambda sensor checked to make sure the fueling is ok.





UK Twin Turbo Legacy Register

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My fuel consumption varies from 22mpg to 30mpg.

Or almost single figures when having fun :D


GTB, That's about what I get in my non-turbo Legacy! If I do steady highway cruising (at 75 or so), I can average 27-28 miles per gallon, but around town I'm generally not a conservative driver. The car's too much fun to drive sedately. So I end up between 22-24 mpg (or worse).


Also, mine's a 4-spd automatic, which will get slightly less than either the new 5-spd auto or the 5MT.



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I have a 01 tt AT and I can say from experience that once you boost, kiss your gas good bye! it reall sucks back on the gas on boost, staying under 4000 rpm and only giving mid throttle you'll get 600 km to a tank ( I did ) but start stepping on the gas and you'll be lucky to get 300 km to a tank. Best thing is to let it warm for 30 sec- 1 min, drive keeping it under 3000 rpm untill it warms up, drive like a grand mom and you'll get much better gas milage.
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So a 1 minuet warm up in winter should be sufficient? I will try for a week and see. I rarely drive above 3000rpm in these conditions ( snow / ice ) the only time I do so is when traveling to the supermarkets on weekends , which involves a long drive down a high speed road. I always thought that atleased 10 mins warm up was needed to prevent engine damage.


My turbo timer is built into my engine starter and is not automatic. It requires a set of dip switches be in a certain position to change the times. There is 5 - 10 - 15 minuet warm up times and 1-5-10 minuet turbo timer times. Perhaps I should set the turbo timer to 1 minuet too?


Thanks for all your replys!:)

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Humm how cold is it there? 1 min should be enough if it's around 0c, if it's like -5 or so then a good 5 min warm up would be a good idea ( I came from Toronto, we did a 1 min for every degree below zero warm up ) . When it warms back up a 1 min warm up will be fine. I also think the turbo timer is a big cause, you'd better not play with that tho. Also sounds like your only doing short trips that really hurts fuel use! If I drive on a nice long highways here ( there is only 1 btw ) I can go all 50 km of it and back several times and get 600 km to a tank, if I do trips to work in traffic then I get about 350-400 km to a tank which is due to 30 min not moving much on the city roads everyday, driving city style burns gas fast!
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