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... OEM SAT-NAV hacks?


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There's are a few threads dedicated to hacking the OEM navi. Short answer is no, no one has figured it out as it's embedded in something somewhere (the "I agree" button).


You can ground one of the pins coming off the back of the dvd unit itself (under the seat) to give you capability to use the NAV functions while in motion though. Do a search, you'll come up with it. :)

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^^ pretty much right on. That 'something somewhere' is the firmware in the Nav unit. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any (easy) way to get rid of it.


There is a service screen but it doesn't offer many useful options. I think you hold your finger in the top center of the screen for a bit to get to it.


But after a few weeks of driving, pressing it almost becomes automatic when you start the car.

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Here are the instructions to access the hidden diagnostics screen:


Hidden Diag Screen:

Press "Menu"

touch top center of screen for 10 seconds.

Type in 014220.


I don't know how many numbers others have tried but it might be hidden somewhere or it might not exist.

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