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2009 Outback 2.5i Special Edition


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I'm looking to pick one up in the very near future (like, this weekend).


I'm bummed about not having a sunroof or leather, but the 2.5i Premium isn't offered with a MT (a requirement of mine), and the XT is just too much money for someone in my situation (full time grad student, newly married to another full time grad student).


I drove a base model and I have a few questions:


1) The Special Edition does not have steering wheel audio controls, correct?


2) Are all OB brakes the same (standard 294/290mm setup with solid rear rotors?)


3) The stock 09 OB 17" wheels clear Spec-B brakes, right?


4) I was a bit concerned with road noise on the base model. Couldn't tell if it was just tire noise, or engine noise, or both. My current Forester rides on big All-Terrain's, so I'm familiar with noise. I was just expecting it to be quieter. Is the sound deadening in the N/A cars the same as the 3.0R or XT?


5) I want an OEM Navigation unit, but utilizing Kenwoods KNA-G510 for navigation purposes. Will the stock features (tools, fuel econ stuff, etc) work on the N/A car?


6) When I look on Japanparts, which chassis should I be looking at for parts interchangeability?


I'm not new to Subaru's by any stretch of the imagination. I've owned many, from ultra high output, dogboxxed race machines, to off-road Foresters, to a FWD, Automatic Legacy. This is my first multilink car outside of my wife's 09 Impreza 2.5iPremium.



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