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Any 2.5i's on Cobb Springs?


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So I've been wanting to do suspension upgrades to my Leggy for about a year now. But between having my engine rebuilt, going to school, my detailing business going slow right now, and numerous other things I havn't been able to get around to it, so I'm looking at an easy and cheap alternative.


I was originally set on doing nothing less than Billstein HD's and Swift Springs, but my mind is starting to change on that.




I saw some pictures of stclark13's GT on stock struts with the Cobb springs and I love it. I like the way it stands, and according to him the ride is bumpier on tough surfaces, but manageable.


Wondering if there would be any issues doing the same for my 2.5i? I know all the suspension parts on the i and GT are all interchangeable, even though they are different struts. Just seeing if anyone has a definitive answer or if anyone else has done this to their i.


I've seen other shocks on stock strusts for the i, but I like the way those Cobbs look more than the rallitek or swift ones.

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