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B4 tails and the garnish

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im looking for folks who have gotten the B4 jdm tail lights and not the rear garnish. the tails are "smoked" and i think the USDM garnish might not match very well.


has anyone tinted the USDM to match?


i like how it says Subaru better than the jdm saying Legacy. and the garnish is even harder to come by than the tail lights.


any pics would help, as well as opinions and expereince stories.


THX n advance

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I dont have any pics, but Yes the JDM ones are tinted. Its so funny to see the ppl that ONLY get the side part of the tails and not the garnish to go with it. I guess the garnish is hard to find tho =/ I dont think tinting the USDM one would be very easy- it would be tough to match the % tint
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