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Meet 03/12/05


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WHERE: Dave and Busters, White Flint Mall, Rockville, MD

WHEN: 1pm



- 495 (take the Bethesda exit, i.e. Rockville Pike)

- Stay in the right lane after the exit ramp

- 4th (?) light will be first entrance to White Flint Mall

- Make a right into the mall and follow the road around

- Pass 1 stop sign, move to left lane (2 lane road around mall)

- Next stop will have a light, make a left "into" the parking garage

- Go straight up ramp and you will be "on top" of the garage

- Head left, the entire left parking lot is for Dave and Busters



- Cover charge ($10) for D&B starts at 9:30pm (if you stay and hang out)

- "Beverages" are served at the bar and dining area

- Kids have to leave at 11:30pm

- The mall has NO bank, only 1 ATM machine in the food court

- Dave and Busters has 1 ATM machine


We don't have to stay in Dave and Busters, I'm only using it for a landmark. It's big and you can't miss the big round orange and blue sign that says Dave and Busters. The mall's pretty tame for those who haven't been there. The book store is decent. Food court is average. The rent-a-security is pretty good. Not a lot of break-in's or vandalism.


As always, open to comments/suggestions.

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