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How to change fog light bulbs on a 00?

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Sup all!


Been a while since I creeped up in here. Yep - my subie is now over 150K and no issues.


~ But I need some help. One of my fog lights on my 00 gone out.


I went out yesterday to my local AZ store and got some fog lights. BTW anyone here know if the Silver Star Ultras are any good?


I tried taking off the old one, but I am trying to see how to remove it, but it does not come out. I tried the tradional twist and pull out ( :D ) way and it does not work.


I then went into the service manual and it says: maybe dificult to remove and to take it to a subaru dealer:


What gives?


Anyone know the proper way to get these buggers out so I can save some $$$ and no pay a Stealership to install them?



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to remove the bulb from the socket?

its called a "bayonet socket" and you have to push it down/in before you twist. it's spring loaded and you will know when you've done it right.

as an obvious reminder, be sure to not touch the new bulbs with your fingers/skin. use a paper towel or something. the oils from your skin will drastically reduce the bulb life if not damage it completely.

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Yep to remove the bulb from the socket :)


Oh ok, that was what I was doing wrong. I am used to the twist and pull :D.


I'll try what you said, and I plan to use laytex gloves when installing :)


Thanks man,



*** Btw --- my subie dealership said they wanted $50.00 to install the new bulbs (which I already have).

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