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Good price on a OB XT


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Guest *Jedimaster*
I think you could do better. Mine was a little over 27.5 out the door if I recall. 500 over invoice at any rate. Also, do your homework on your dealer- you don't list your location, but take the time to research your dealership. I could have saved myself some time and frustration had I looked into my dealer (Bill Kolb Subaru in NY). I did come across this, which speaks volumes: http://www.oag.state.ny.us/press/2002/jan/jan14b_02.html
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That is good deal you got, Any good deals in socal for 05 OB 2.5 XT


Give Desiree or Jeremy a call at Irvine Subaru. Until the end of the February, they're selling every Subaru, including the STI at dealer invoice minus their holdback. That would put you in the ~$28K or less range for a fully loaded OB XT LTD. Their phone number is 949-837-3500.


If you decide to shop there, do give Desiree or Jeremy a call because they are the only two in the dealership that are working these deals. Anyone else will try to make it a retail sale to your's and their frustration.



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What is a good price for subaru outback xt. I got a quote for 30k out the door? is that a good price.


If your talking base XT and not limited, no - that unfortunatly is not a good price. You should be getting it at invoice or slightly over if you are willing to reasearch and be a hard bargainer. I just bought an XTLimited (no options) for $28,700 including all dealer conveyance fees. Add tax, and I'm out the door for 30ish.. Take away 2500 or so, and thats where you should be on the base XT.


Check out vanbortalsubaru.com for pricing reference.

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