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Alarm/Remote Start + Sunroof Modules


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I had a few units made for my car and was wondering if there would be any interest if I parted up the last few boards for sale...


There are two separate boards:


Board 1: Key bypass + clutch bypass + trunk integration (you still need ADS-SUB-RNG module)


Board 2: Sunroof controller (- pulse for open, - pulse for close)


Any interest in these at all or should I scrap the excess PCB? Cost would be minimal, and if there was a decent amount of interest I could even source enclosures.


I'd say $35 + shipping roughly for either...

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It interfaces between your sunroof switch and brain wiring. It uses the factory brain (to keep you from frying the motor).


A single - pulse to "open" would fully open the sunroof

A single - pulse to "close" would close it 1/2 way, a 2nd pulse would close it all the way


My remote start had only 3 outputs....


So as-is (I can easily disable/enable the feature) you can fake a 4th output...


I set my 3rd output as latched for 30 seconds.....


Hit aux 1 windows down

Hit aux 2 sunroof open

hit aux 3, then within 30 secs hit aux 1 windows close

hit aux 3, then within 30 secs hit aux2 sunroof closes 1/2 way, hit it again closes fully


If your alarm has enough outputs, or you aren't controlling windows/other stuff that uses all your other outputs up then your good to go.


You will need an aftermarket alarm or remote start to interface though.



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Yes it will plug into my board.


My board would only enable the key chip bypass when the remote start is running/active, it will also only bypass the clutch switch when the remote start is attempting to start the car.


Any other time - the factory chip in the key feature will work, and the clutch switch would be required when manually starting the car.


Also note - for those wanting to use fancy or even cheap-ass chip-less keys, you could very easily use the ADS-SUB-RNG to bypass the factory keychip security.




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