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HKS Intake Arm


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Hello guys, I have not been on for a while. I have gotten the "beast" on the road as my gf calls it and have been cruising since Jan. I have been using an Apexi Panel Filter.


But I put on this puppy yesterday and have been flat footing it constantly. HKS claims that your engine response is immediate and I must admit there is a definite improvement.



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The stock is not restrictive, just that I would depress and have to wait until the rpms got into the torque zone, with this I always feel the torque, no waiting.


Got it from http://www.importmonster.com.au at auction for 880 yen/$9 USD and paid $66 USD (for impormonster's commission and EMS shipping to Barbados) total $75USD.


what did that set you back? Didn't think the stock was that much of a restriction.
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Lol, you all turbo guys can't be the only ones to have all the fun you know. Zero Sport and HKS make them for 2.0 NAs also. Also SAMCO makes air intake hoses for 2.5GTs, 2.0Ls and 3Ls in red, blue and black.


just realized why I thought it looked so weird...you have a 3.0 NA...I feel dumb because I was like wow that is a really sweet direct connection and then I actually looked at what it was connecting to :)
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