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Constant 12v power supply from radio?


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Hi All,


Does anyone know which wire supplies the stereo in a 2004 Legacy Tourer (latest shape) with a constant 12V supply? I'm trying to fit a Dice ipod kit and need to tap into both switched and constant power supplies.


I can connect to the switched live of the cigarette lighter but haven't yet found an easily accessible constant live.


There must be one going into the back of the stereo to allow it to keep it's memory when the ignition is off, and I'd normally expect it to be solid yellow in colour(at least over here in the UK, anyway....), but I can't see anything resembling that on the back of my stereo......I'm not used to these all in one stereo/HVAC units!


Thanks in advance!


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Here's a pin-out table for Legacies. Some of the car's wire colours may be different in the UK (column "A"), but the pin numbers / functions will be the same.


Column "B" lists the EIA standard colors, used on just about all aftermarket harnesses and radios these days. In my experience (with USDM cars), some wires' factory colors will occasionally be the same as the EIA colors, but most are not.


Are you connecting the Dice via FM modulator, or do they now have a vehicle-specific cable for your Legacy?

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Thanks for the info, that's a big help mate!


Looks as though I need to find the Blue and Red wire connected to pin 6.....I'll be giving that a go tomorrow I think!


I'm connecting the Dice via FM Modulator. Had it up and running off the switched live and it sounded ok, if not quite as good as the Dension 300 I had in my Beemer.


Cheers again for the info!

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