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AWD Not working

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Hello All

I have a 96 Legacy LS 2.2 Autotranny with 177K on the clock. The AWD is not working with no power to the rear wheels. There are no lights on the dash that stay on, the FWD fuse slot is empty.


So I am assuming that duty solenoid "C" is gone or the clutch pack is gone. Is there a way for me to test the solinoid?


I just got this car the other week dumped a bunch of money into it for state inspection, then it snowed this AM and it became very clear the AWD was not working.


So if I choose not to fix this issue how long could I expect the tranny to work?


If I choose not to fix it would it be better to install the FWD fuse and/or remove the rear drive shaft?


Thanks in advance!!

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There should be no fuse in the FWD marked box under the hood. Once you put a fuse in there, you will have power only to the front wheels.

I would not suggest driving the car like this for a long time, and it's not for towing, more of a "just in case" feature, like if you get a flat and need to use the spare donut.


You can just drive it how it is, who knows how long it has been like that to begin with. But, it would probably be safe to say that your transmission is a time bomb just waiting to go off. No real estimate how long you could go with it the way it is.

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