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Acceleration Noise & Oil smell


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I have an 05 LGT. Which was modded prior to me buying the car. It has a downpipe and exhaust system and stage 3+ spec clutch, that i know of. I had it in for service to have an inspection done to make it legally registerable in Canada. The car came from NJ with 37000 Miles on it. Now that i got it back last night there is a knocking sound that goes to the engine speed (rpms) and when you give'er you can smell oil burning. The dealer refuses to help me of course so I want to know if anyone could tell me what might be wrong.


Thanks in advance

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Sounds to me people @ service might have something to do with it. Engine knock that goes to the engine speed(rpm) AND oil smell burning is not good. Go find good tuner in your area and have them diagnose it and fix it. Be ready to pay mucho $$$
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