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Got my fog bezels, now need lights.


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I didnt want to spend $300+ dollars for factory fog lights, so instead I bought a pair of just the bezels for $40. Now I need to get a fog light housing. To start I hate the look of fog lights when there on so whatever I put in there doesnt have to be functional.


First Im thinkin about just gettin an oval piece of beveled glass or something to stick in there so it looks like theres and actual projector lens.


Second didnt someone on here buy some sorta LED bulbs that fit really well into the fog hold and were cheap? Again they wont be wired up just need to fill the hole.


And third Should I just buy an aftermarket fog light kit to stick in there? That would probably look the best and it would look more stock.


I want to keep this project under $100 so minus 40 for the bezel, I got $60 to work with here. What are your suggestion?


Heres the bezels the top is the front of it and the bottom one is the back side.


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if you change your mind shoot me a pm, im selling my fogs for $150 with bezels, otherwise good luck on your journey to make them work, i think the hardest part will be making them strong enough to hold up to the low clearance rocks on the roads.
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