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Seperating the head/tail light assembly

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I am struggling to find consistant information on how to seperate the housing on the lights. I want to remove the orange reflector on the headlights. And I want to tint the red lens on the inside of the taillights. This is on a 2006 GT sedan. Thanks for the help
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Headlights - It's pretty easy but you need to be careful depending on how you go about seperating the headlights. There is the easy bake oven style or the heat gun.


Taillights - You cannot sperate the tail lights since they are glued together instead of using sealant. Only way to do this is to cut the housing to seperate it.


Here is some information on how to remove the reflectors from the headlights. I'm sure this is the step by step info you are looking for.

Searched: clearing + headlight




Searched: headlight + reflector + removal



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