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HOW TO: Window Module or speaker wires in doors


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The DEI 530T is extremely easy to add to this car.


By adding a 530T you instantly get one touch control of the front windows, adding a second 530T would allow one touch up and down on ALL windows.


DEI recommends you NOT install this in a door, yet everyone I've read thus far has done that - I do NOT recommend it either. Its NOT difficult to run the wires to the door, and you'll have to anyways.


DEI suggests 14ga wire, this is overkill, the factory wiring is only 22ga it appears lol - I ran two 14ga wires + two 20ga wires with no problems but you can run smaller wiring easily....


Method to run wire (whether it be for this project or new speakers etc):

1. Remove door panel

2. Remove lower kick panel

3. Below the tweeter is the main wiring coming into the door and a black tab holding it to the inside of the door, pop that loose.

4. Cut a small hole in the rubber inside the door covering the wiring

5. Fish weed-wacker line through the rubber into the car. You'll have to stretch, pull, push etc the rubber running between the door and the car jamb during this process, but it will work. Took me about 10 mins of trying.

6. Once through on the other side in the car use good electrical tape (Scotch Super 33+) and tape 4" of wire to 4" of the weed wacker line.

7. Pull slowly, and again manipulate the rubber as you go.

8. Viola - wires in door.


For the window modules - you need to run 4 wires into the door, 2 larger gauge and 2 smaller. You then cut the motor wires in 1/2. Follow the DEI instructions from there. The passenger side window motor wires are found in the drivers kick panel. (see attached diagram)


Also - I suggest mounting the 530T above the fuse panel between it and the dash - I was able to do this and secure it with two zip ties. By wedging it there I eliminated my dash rattle!




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