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Ignition Cylinder/Airbag Mystery

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Howdy folks...


I've got a 1995 Subaru Legacy LS that's on the fritz.


Problem started a little while back when the the ignition cylinder became worn out (the key wouldnt turn all the way off, and would stick in the AC position).


I replaced ignition lock cylinder, which all seemed easy enough, but now a couple of problems have developed. To begin, once I started the car after the installation, the Airbag light was on, which it never had been before. Then the next morning the car was dead (battery and alternator have been replaced recently, and the car runs fine once jumped). I've driven around enough that the battery should be charged, but subsequent trials have left it completely dead after a few hours.


So it seems there must be some kind of drain related to the installation (which included disconnecting the airbag wiring and taking the steering wheel off). The only thing I was a little unsure of putting things back together was the airbag ground wire (which I connected to the a screw that had no other clear purpose in the upper left hand corner of the steering wheel face, under the airbag).


Any suggestions?



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Unfortunately I no longer have my FSM for a 95-99 Leg, but are you sure the car is turning off 100%? Not being stuck on acc? That would cause it to drain the battery. You may want to go back and pull it out and double check your work.

Also, did you unhook the battery before disconnecting the airbag? You may have set off the sensor if you unplugged the unit with the car still getting power. I'm just going to hope you disconnected all power before taking the unit apart.

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