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Advice Needed...Ticking Noise Coming From Motor & Rough Idle...

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Hey folks,


I recently noticed a rather loud ticking noise coming from the motor. Its not at all faint, and sounds awful. The car also is idling extremely rough and is almost lurching when stopped; also nearly stalls after stopping...and in some cases actually does. I have no idea what happened to cause this, but It has worsened quickly (in a matter of a couple days since noticing it). It's bad enough that I'm worried there's significant engine damage, to the point that I'm preparing for it to completely fail. Any opinions would be great as far as how I can hope to get it under warranty, if at all. Currently I have a Stg 1 Map with the AP, and a Borla exhaust. I suppose I should probably at least un-marry the AP? Thanks so much for any and all help...

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Any other info would be great. Did you totally bang it off redline or beat it real hard prior to this event? Have you checked the oil lately? These motors makes some realy weird noises some days. Chevron Techtron would be a good place to start and see if it's just something in an injector. Otherwise it may actually be a bad injector or time for plugs.

Yes, it would be a good idea to unmarry your AP before dropping it at a dealership as the may re-flash the ECU while it is in there and it can create big issues with you AP. As for the exhuast; they(subaru) sell an aftermarket SPT exhuast that is basically the same as the Borla, so don't let them tell you it is the causeor they won't cover it because of that. Keep us posted.

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