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KEEFE opinion on rim and tire package please


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after doing alot og reasearch and going over my budget here is what i come up with. can i have your opinion?



toyo proxes t1-s 225/45/17 20.9 lbs at a cost of $129 ea

OZ superleggera 17 x 7 15.5lbs at a cost og $234 ea


total cost $1452



weight per corner 36.4 lbs


what diefference to my wagon will thos make over the stock setup?


i have the rear 20mm sway bar, front and rear endlinks, front rear poly bushings


i was looking for a little more pep in acceleration from slower speed, slightly better throttle response, and taller 1st and 2nd gear

will i achieve this?

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if you could find a 7.5" wide wheel would be best for a 225, but a 7" is still doable, just bump up the tire pressures a little bit to aid some of the side wall (say 36 psi front, 34 rear) and adjust accordingly to your driving style per every 2psi increments. If you want more of a firm ride, raise to 38 psi front, 36 psi rear. If the back end is too loose, let out some air and run 34 psi in the rear. If you want to be tail happy, run 38 in the rear.


You'll first notice that it takes less effort to turn the steering wheel at speed (less rotational mass). The car will feel more alive. Eventually, you'll get use to it. Your speedo will be off by 2% (no big deal, it's only 1.5 mph of a difference at 60 mph real speed).



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