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Ebay 07,08 Carbon Fiber Grillz---8 available

Philadelphias Worst

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They wont fit on USDM LGT for sure since they are JDM fitting. Look at that legacy front, the headlights corners had the chrome pieces, they are the JDM one. I bought 3 of grilles from them before. One turn out ok, the other two sucks,,,

First issue:

Hood can not be closed, need to trim both side down a lot to maket the hood able to close. Trimming of the grille makes its structure weaker too


Second:Has a gap on both side ( next to headlight). The biggest thing is it also has a gap between the grille and hood, it's like a slight V dips down,,,,,,


Third: The holes on the grille doesnt match with the stock location, means you need to re-drill or expand the holes of the OEM one, you may not have enough room to make the complete hole and you will need double sided tape to help to make the grille stay on better.


That's what you need to do in order to make that fit on the 08 USDM LGT after after you bought that grille. And it may not come out nice. Well you have 33.3% of chance getting the better fitting one base on my experience.


At the end of the modification I realize it' s not worth my time to mod that grille and having the risk of not fitting well. I decicded to make my own specially for 08 USDM legacy and the 05-07 one.

They drop in perfect like the stock one, no mod no mess. You get what you paid for.

I'm pretty sure i still have the best price and fitting for USDM Legacy so far on the grilles. Mine are half less than than the Zerosports and fits better.


Let me know if you guys have any more questions or doubts or better price grilles

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