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Looking for a EQ Help!


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Well since i had like 3 people reply before i decided to start another thread. I need a eq that is going to make my speakers sound a lot better. i have mb quart components upfront and 2 10" kicker cvr subs and i'm running 2 kicker amps. 1 for subs, 1 for components. What kind of eq should i get so my systems does not continue to sound like garbage?
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I used to use an Arc Audio MEQ-30. Decent little EQ


I now use a Rockford 3Sixy.2. This requires either a Bluetooth enabled PC, Windows Mobile device with Bluetooth, or Palm with Bluetooth to control.


It's freaking awesome. 31 bands for front left, 31 for front right, 27 for center (who uses this?), rear left and rear right, and 10 for the sub.


All are 1/3rd octave.


Should you want to go another route, AudioControl is a very well known name, and they make some very good processors. Zapco is another brand you cannot go wrong with.


Bottom line is you want to get at least 1/3rd octave control, as that gives you the most control over your stereo. I did a write up of a program called RoomEQWizard a while ago, I would suggest you google it. It is an RTA program based on your PC, in which you will need a good mic, but will allow you to get a decent measurement of your car's frequency response curve and impulse response.


Also, if you have not sound deadened your doors, your impulse response is probably crap (with around 400ms of reverb ~800Hz-1.2kHz). Feel free to either PM me or respond in this thread, and I'll try to answer any question you have on audio tuning.


For a tutorial on how to deaden doors, I would suggest http://www.raamaudio.com/cgi-bin/index.cgi?p=ht

Rick, the guy who runs that site, is a very good guy. His products are also good quality. Another option is Elemental Designs for sound deadening material (google them if you'd like).


EDIT: Also, if you're ever in the Boston Area, I'll be glad to show you what I have and give you a demo on how to do this stuff.


EDIT2: Saw your previous thread. Go with an aftermarket deck. If you do not have NAV, that cubby above your stereo makes a good location to put a radio. Just take out the cubby, and you should be able to mod a radio into there. I did that on my old SWP 2.5i. Note: aftermarket deck does not negate need for EQ in my humble opinion, I run my Eclipse 8053 into my Rockford 3Sixty.2

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Wow, now thats a reply!!!! Thanks very much man. I would like to go with a aftermarket deck but dont see myself taking out the cubby, i love that damn thing. I'm coming from a prelude where there is no room to put stuff. all i had was a glove box. Which i dont use now b/c everything rattles in there! damn gravel roads! but i will def look into everything you said. Thanks a lot!!!!
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