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alarm/remote starter finally installed

Colonel Angus

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i finally had an aftermarket alarm/remote starter put in my legacy. i actually had it put in a week ago, i was just too lazy to post.


it has a 2 way transmitter remote that'll give me alerts if someone attempts to break in or sets off one of the doorpanel sensors.


i love having a remote starter again. i could've just got a remote starter, but i wanted a better system, plus the status display screen on the remote.


the manual claims up to a 1/4 mile range for transmission - and it seems pretty close to that.


since i wont go into the rest of the features, i'll touch upon the turbotimer feature. you can activate a program to run when you leave the car for it to cool down and shut itself off. i know we dont need it, but it's a good thing to have just in case.


i only had a day to play around with the settings since i've been gone on a business trip, but so far, it's worth the money i dropped on it.:D

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If you don't mind, what system is it?

Does it have an anti-carjack feature?

I will need to get a new alarm when I get my LGT.




DEI 564p 881xp if memory serves me correct.


yeah, it has an anti carjack feature - i think it's called fail safe or kill safe. i dont remember off the top of my head.

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how did you make it work with our immobilizer system?



they stashed the valet key somewhere in the dash, so when the remote starter is engaged, and the immobilizer system begins detection, the key is nearby to 'answer back', thus permitting the engine to continue running.

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eventhough its not needed, it's nice to have the turbo timer after driving the car for a while. once engaged, it'll run the car for a preprogrammed time period after i get out and arm the car, then it'll shut itself out. i think the timer's set at 30s - 1m.


to me, the 2 way transmitter with the lcd readout is key. the backlit and vibrate features are a nice added touch, too:D

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