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Suspension Mods for MY05 GT with 19 inch wheels


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I am from Sydney, Australia and have just bought a Silver Manual MY05 GT Sedan (I have to wait 7 weeks for it to come from Japan). Got Mesh Grille, Mats, Headlight surrounds, Sports Gear knob, Reflective tint (20%), tow bar, Hi-Tech Quad Exhaust (M3 Style).


When it arrives I want to change the wheels and suspension. I have chosen the wheels (Lenso Speed Six 19 x 8) and tyres (Falken ST115 225/35/19).


I live in Southern Sydney and it seems I am limited with my choice of lowering options. I want to lower the car mostly for the improved appearance (19's will make it look like a 4WD height otherwise). I do, however want to get better handling and less body roll.


To start off with, I only want to spend the money for replacement springs (coilovers or upgraded shocks may come later). From talking to local suspension places (eg. East Coast Suspension- Sutherland) it seems that the only springs that are available for the GT are H & R (around $880 fitted) and Lovell's (around $680 fitted). Both of these are premade and only lower the car 30mm

which I think is a waste of time and money- you would hardly notice it. The guy from East Coast recommended the H & R's (European quality) for the GT.


The only other option I have is to go to somewhere like KMAC (Arncliffe) and get springs made up to a custom height (around $580 fitted). I guess if I did this I would probably get them made to lower the car around 50-60mm. There seems to be alot of guard clearance on the GT's so I think I'd be safe at this height. I will roll the guards if needed but I'd prefer not to in case the paint starts cracking.


Like most people, I guess I want to find the perfect balance between:

1) Looks

2) Ride quality

3) Handling

4) Practicality (I don't trust the girlfriend with pot-holes and driveways if it's too low!)


Anyone have any experiences/opinions/measurements to share?



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most springs-only suspension mods will eventually have sag. 30mm is more than 1" drop around, so it's significant. I have dropped my GT 2" using coilovers and that's more than enough. Anything lower and you will have suspension travel issues. The tire size and rim size is fine (just double check your offset for those rims).


You might also want to look into JDM aftermarket springs such as:






For the amount of money you are expecting to spend, you wont get too much out of it. If it's looks, then the amount of money you spend will only be for looks with just a slight improvement in handling (namely because the car is lower). Since you are running large rims and tires, that will take away the handling performance as well as Falken ST-115s are medicore tires.


At the end: "you get what you pay for"



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