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Advice on getting GT ready for autocrossing


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Hi Everybody, I recently traded in my Lexus IS 300 Sportcross for a 2005 Legacy GT. I had to join the Subaru family, one son has a WRX and the other has a STI. I got into autocrossing 2 yrs ago and really love it. I am asking for advice on what people have done to get the car ready for autocrossing. We want to do an up and down pipe to improve horsepower , but after autocrossing it once we realize the handling needs to be done first. It was fun but needs some work to make it more fun. I would appreciate any advice. Thanks and look forward to talking to the Subaru and Legacy group. Thanks Dave McKenzie Matthews NC :)
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I've been autocrossing for 5 years now.


As for mods, it really depends on what class you wish to run.. if you are not into the actual competition side of things and following class rules, you can run your car in the highest modified class so that no one else will protest you in the lower classes to get on your case about having an illegal modified car.


The GT can run in the following classes from least amount of mods (and there is a list of what is legal and what isnt per mod):


D Stock (DS)

E Street Prepared (ESP)

Street Touring Ultimate (STU)

E Modified (EM)

Street Modified (SM).


The biggest mod you want to do would be swapping out the tires. If you have the extra cash, get lightweight rims.


Other than that, unless you can tell me more of what you want out of autocrossing (either competition or fun, and how much you want to spend and how much performance gain to sacrifice some daily driving abilities), I think this is all I can offer to you and just get as much seat time to improve driving skills. Driver skills goes a long way over modifications in the world of motorsports.


Also, there is a yearly Subaru-only autocross events that you can attend as well.. here is the link:




Happy driving, if you want to know more, I can help you along the way of what class fits your needs and wants and what mods will get you to what you want out of your Legacy.



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Thanks I want to be somewhat competitive in STU class since my son is driving his STI in that class. Not a lot of money to spend right away but trying to decide what is best to figure out what it is going to cost. I have birthday and fathers day coming up lol I figure sway bars should be the first to come on. any advice is appreciated thanks Dave McKenzie
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