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Just got JL Audio W6


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I dont think the W6 needs an JL 500x1. To much power and money.

Check the rating on what the sub needs 300 watts? and see if one of alpines PDX amps will fit the bill. They are super small in shape and put out good power. Not to mention it should be cheaper than the JL amp.


I had the JL 500x1 on a 10w7 and that was a perfect match so unless your w6 is a 12in sub than it will be more amp than you need. That reminds me you should say what size the sub is?

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It's a 12", 13.5" bezel and a bandpass box. It bumping alright with my Sony Xplode 800W, but it just needs more. I'm thinking of amplifying the door/rear deck speakers and having a separate amp for the sub itself. Just need to find one that works well with the W6...
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