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Subaru Confirms Participation in North American International Auto Show

Farrish Subaru

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Could this be a preview of the 2010 Legacy?? I hope so.:)



Subaru Confirms Participation in North American International Auto Show

-- Automaker to Debut New Concept Vehicle in Detroit --



Cherry Hill, N.J.,

December 5, 2008 - Subaru of America, Inc. has confirmed that it will participate in the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit this January. The company looks to present both the Motor Trend Sport/Utility of the Year, the 2009 Subaru Forester and a new concept vehicle.

Vehicles to be displayed at NAIAS:




2.5i Limited 4AT-S

2.5i Special Edition MT5

3.0R Limited 5AT-S




2008 WRC Replica Vehicle

2.5i 4-Door Premium 4AT-S

WRX 4-Door Premium MT5

WRX STI 5-Door MT6 - Silver BBS Wheels



7-Passenger Special Edition




2.5X Premium with AWP MT5

2.5XT Limited with NAVI



Feature Reveal Concept Vehicle

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Hmmm so no production model unveiling? Probably New York then.


Interested in what the concept vehicle is though. Would they show a concept of the Legacy now and a production version in New York?


Anyways, thanks for the heads up!

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All fingers point towards it being the Legacy. Subaru has a history of introducing cars relatively early in the year. Both the current gen Forester and Impreza lines were intro'd late spring/early summer. Subaru showing us a concept now, and then the production trim in NYC just before public release seems very plausible.


Or it could just be the RWD coupe the interwebs have been reporting on for about a year now.

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4? psh.. why not go back to powerglide!


1 shift baby! :lol:


no offense to any n/a guys but there is nothing special about a special edition 2.5i.


I just want a gear that says "high" and one that says "low"



And doesn't Subaru sell more Limited Edition Legacies anyway? Thus, it would not be limited at all. ...and I think its stupid that you can't get a 2.5i Limited with a 5MT. Thus, I won't be buying one a 2.5i anytime soon.

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Hmmmm... lot of talk on Nastycock about this as well. Something about how if it's not hitting the showroom floor in 6 months it HAS to be called a concept. The overall thought is that it will be the 2010 Legacy it seems.


Salesman, and I use this term lightly :lol:, on that site claim they won't see the production car till spring and the showrooms won't have them till late summer. If this is all true... it makes sense that we'll see this "concept" as the 2010 Legacy.

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