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Need help, 60,000 mile service

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I am taking my wagon in today to get some work done. Decided to also get most of my 60,000 mile service done. My question is: How much should one be charged for a radiator flush . My mech told me $ 100 to do the radiator and fluid . Also what spark plugs are best . Should I go 1 step colder or should I stick with stock subaru plugs? How about changing the MT fluid and Rear diff ( i'm supplying my own Subaru synthetic fluid) How much would this run? Any input would be appreciated.


One last thing is that they want to change the belts as they will be putting on the cobb lightened flywheel pulley (transfer from my WRX). Don't see the belt change as something necessary until 100 k.

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The radiator quote suggests to me that your mechanic is too expensive;

done as specified in the manual (drain and refill) that should take less

than 1/2 hour. Done the way I do it (drainm remove hoses and thermostat

so as to be able to flush the thing thoroughly with a garden hose), maybe

$100 is starting to make sense.


Why would you not want to use the stock plugs ?

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Dealerships/mechanics usually charge you a minimum of one hour labor no matter what the job is. It could only take ten min but they will still charge you for that one hour. if you have your own tools you can do a lot of that stuff your self for free.

Not always the case.

Most every shop is using the tenth system for billing labor. 1 hour is 10 tenths. Yes most flushes or diagnosis are at a minimum of 1 hour invested, but that doesn't mean that's the minimum you pay. Most oil changes pay techs 3 tenths of an hour. Some of our flushes are 7 tenths and some pay him an hour.

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