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Replacing Fuel Injector

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05 Legacy GT 50K


So I got a PO302 (cyl 2 misfire) cel, on and off for the last week or so. It's gone on and off about 4 times now over the period of about 1 and a half tanks of gas. After I got it the first time I used up all that fuel and then got gas a a newer station (instead of the same one I always go to) and ran fuel injector cleaner through it. The cel has been on and off twice since then. From what I've read it's likely a fuel injector.


I looked under the hood and it seem really easy to swap out but I wanted to make sure I do it correctly. It doesn't look like there's a fuel rail that needs to be removed which surprised me. Looks like there is just a bracket that holds it in there and a wiring harness to remove and then you swap them out. Is that really how simple it is?


Is it under pressure? Should I remove the fuel pump fuse? If so, which one is it? (Maybe this is in the manual)


Any tips or things to look out for?

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