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rex on the way to work

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driving up telegraph on the way to work this morning and saw a modded wrx in front of me. i passed him and waved, .. i think it took a few seconds for him to figure out why, but then he got behind me as we came up to the next light.


i wasn't sure if he was going to run, but when i saw him on my ass as we left the light, then i punched it.


he was pulling hard and seemed to be gaining on me, got in the next lane after we passed the other car, and then i hit the rev limiter! lol .. what an idiot. it cut out the throttle for at least 3 full seconds! .. i'm running AP stage 1. i remember before i put the AP in, the limiter would bounce, but not anymore.


needless to say he got in front of me pretty quick. when we hit the next batch of stopped trafffic, i got anothe wave. even if i didn't hit the limiter, it probably would have been close but i'm pretty sure he would have been teh faStAr. i need to get to stage 2!


even though i tarded out, it was still a cool subie experience. :cool:

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