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Rear Sway Bar


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Whoa man.....lots of questions there. If you aren't going to do anything for the car, they are really not important to the ave. car driver. If you want to tighten up the ride...go for it. But I'd save the $$ and get the AP...=)


Yes you can just get a rear sway bar, and for about $215. But you should def search and read up on them. As it might not produce the ride you want. So many people have installed them and posted tech reviews of them. That's how I did all my learning, people are awesome around here. I was in the same boat as you.


I installed the AP, and decided that I needed to tighten things up. Time for research....look'n at coilovers, sways, endlinks...blah blah....and learned what I wanted to get out of my ride first. For what I needed, all signs pointed to sways....so I asked people and they agreed. So I ordered Front/Rear Sways, and Front and Rear Endlinks in one swoop for about $625.


They will be here in 2 weeks.....Now I will feel more conifdent in the car when I get the tubo back exhaust and flash to stage 2. Then I'll prob fire up coilovers. I want the car to keep a tight feel, and not all about the speed. But that's just me......


Don't know if my ramblings helped you any, but I know you'll get technical answers if you search on "sway bars" or variations of.



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