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Help needed with skid plate install


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I've decided to buy a Forester XT. I'm talking to dealers now. I will be buying the front and rear skid plates from Primitive Technologies. Their web page says they are simple to bolt on and take 10 minutes. However, I don't have anything to really jack my car up well and if you've seen the spice rack or BBQ that Homer Simpson built you have an idea about my mechanical abilities. I'm looking for someone in So Ca who can do the job for me. I'm not sure if a shop or dealer would do this but I don't want to get ripped off and pay their minimum rate of like $100 for a 15 minute job that's super easy for them to do. Is there anyone who would do this for me? I'll drive to you and pay you in pizza, beer, or a reasonable fee? I live in Murrieta but I'll drive where I have to. I expect to buy the car next weekend and will then get the plates. I'm taking about maybe one month from now or so. Thanks for any ideas.


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The Primitive skid plate is good stuff. It saved my ass while rally-crossing my '00 2.5RS a few times and is very comforting to know your precious Boxer is protected. For my RS it was a very easy fitment with only 4 bolts into existing factory holes and doesn't require a lift or ramps to install. I haven't seen how it fits on other Subarus but you shouldn't need any ramps and only a 14mm (I think) socket.



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