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Danase Diamond Gel

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I had a chance to see the wonder of Danase Diamond Gel at work again recently. I had a car that the owner has tried to detail himself the last couple times. I'm all for people getting the tools and learning to do this stuff on their own, but I think this guy might need another one or two classes before he tries it again. He managed to get polish in just about every crease and crack and all over every piece of plastic and rubber on the car. The car is black and really shiny by the time I got done with it, but I took some before and after pictures to show off what the product can do.










The white spots you are seeing in that after picture are just glare spots from the sun. The pieces were actually black and brand new looking. It seems that there would be polish in that cover as well, but that isn't the case. I was using a flash and it made it look like there was still stuff on the pieces. I promise you that there wasn't any polish on this car anywhere by the time I was done with it. It is just so hard to photograph shiney black. The camera kept focusing on the reflections and not on the pieces I wanted it to see. All of the polish came out of the rubber and the textured plastic around the windows. He even got it all over the wiper cowl and I was able to get that looking like new as well. Actually, like I said before, there weren't many places he didn't manage to get polish. Around the emblems, the clear bra things by the rear fenders, seams around the door handles... the stuff was everywhere! At least I had an easy product to work with in cleaning it all up though.


I applied the product to a paper towel and ran that along the rubber strips on the roof. With very little rubbing I was able to clean those up. I have a couple tooth brushes that I have modified for such cleaning and I used one of them to do a little deep scrubbing on some areas that needed it. I also used the tooth brush and Diamond Gel on the plastic around the windows and the wiper cowl. After I had it all restored I applied the product to the rest of the pieces and evened it out so they all had the same gloss and protection. Then I wiped it down with a dry paper towel and the finish was matte and perfect.


The thing I like most about Diamond Gel is the durability. I have no doubt that I'll see this car again in March and the trim will still look terrific. It isn't going to see a lot of driving in the next few months, but my problem with some products like this is that they end up turning the pieces white or the damage comes back after a few months. With Danase Diamond Gel you don't have to worry about that. It is awesome stuff!


Oh, one other thing... This product was used between the polish step and the LSP step. I do that so I don't get it all over the LSP and have a ton of cleanup to do. I would recommend you do the same if you know it is going to be impossible to dress the pieces you are working on without getting it all over. If all you are doing is the wiper cowl then you can do that any time, but for window trim I would suggest doing this before you wax or seal the car. Just a thought.


“Cleanliness becomes more important as godliness becomes more unlikely.”

O C D E T A I L S . C O M


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