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Need some help

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Ok first off im new here. Anyway on to my problem i am trying to find a air intake system for my 08 Legacy 2.5i and it seems that no one makes of for this model of the legacy well i found a Weapon R intake that will fit a 07 Legacy ( heres the link http://www.erzperformance.com/product_p/secret252.htm ) so my question is Will this fit a 08 Legacy and if not does anyone know of a company that makes a intake for this car.

Thanks for the help.

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Not too familiar with the '08, but if you do a search on 'intake' in the N/A forum, you will probably find what you are looking for.


Short answer...Injen makes a CAI for the Impreza RS model that fits our car. Its on the Rallitek.com site.

thanks for the info i will check that out.

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