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lowering ur subie

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hey whats up im new to the thread i have a 2006 legacy limited not the gt i wish but anyways i wanna lower it about 1 inch to 1 1/2 inches i was told that lowering an awd car is bad for it is there any truth to this and if not what r the good brands to check out? thanks....o and btw the cheap easy mods thread rules did the headlight blackout this weekend and the front lip diy
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there is a large section of information in the "Suspension/Brakes" forum regarding this topic. several stickies in that area also give the 101 on suspension modifications.


in any case, this is a good link that breaks down the drop heights for various setups:



definitely have a look around and use the search engine to browse through topics for questions you migth have. lots of good info floaitng around.

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