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Driver side wiper arm tighten?


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Hi All..

I have a 2005 Legacy Wagon GT. Recently I used the wipers and the driver side arm threw a fit.. it didn't have the power to get up the windshield and it crashed into the passenger side wiper. It appears the wiper arm is loose.


How do I tighten it? I looked under the hood briefly and didn't see anything obvious. If anyone has pictures or a description of where I need to tighten.. that would be great.



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So this EXACT thing just happened ON THE EXACT YEAR MAKE/MODEL only mines not a wagon...


I was heading to work and on the highway and suddenly my wiper arm stopped at the middle of the windshield, crashed into the passenger side arm and on the next round flipped back over the driver side window!!!!


I was mega pissed, but after checking around on here noticed a few posts about the black cap and popping it off and what not, and yea my nut was finger loose. So who knows if the splines are going to hold tight going forward and for how long but for now, I tightened it back up and the wiper arm seems to be holding nice and tight just how it should.... So for now, I'm a happy camper!


Wiper arm fixed! :)

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