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2005 UK 3.0R Spec B - Nav Video etc....


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Having read the full thread about Nav mods and rear view cameras and all that jazz I have a couple of questions and didn't want to add to an already very long thread.

Another OEM NAVI Features Hack Thread - Progress and Documents here: http://www.legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php?t=36342


My car is UK spec, 3.0R Spec B on a 2005 plate, with a manual (stick shift) gearbox, it has factory Nav based on the Kenwood 3200 system, the rear of the screen doesn't have a yellow auxiliary video in socket....:mad:


As far as I can remember ( I only had the screen out for a few minutes after realising there was no aux video input ) there is the 4 pin Molex connector that everyone has gone about having the video input for the reverse cam.


Is my Nav screen likely to be able to display video if hooked up via the molex?


Is there likely to be a hidden aux video input hiding inside the case that hasn't been given a plug for the UK market?


Here is a picture of the label on the screen, why didn't I photograph the back as well..........I dunno??




Can anyone confirm if this screen is different to the US spec??

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Based on my 2006 car the screen on UK models is different from USDM.


The major difference of which I am aware is that the RCA socket and molex, and the associated circuit board are simply omitted and a label applied over the holes. The upshot of this is that the screen will only accept RGsB video as output from the navigation unit, and not composite video as output by a reversing camera.


I investigated reinstating the circuitry as per the US model's circuit diagram, but gave in as this would be a major undertaking that would certainly invalidate the warranty, and probabaly the firmware in the screen is different too and would not support the additional circuitry.


The solution is to use a video transcoder to convert the composite video to RGsB and insert it into the lines to the screen. These are sold as "nav screen converters" but cost about £150, and the quality of the converted signal, although passable for a reversing camera, would be poor for anything else such as a DVD player. They are available from UK suppliers and I bought mine on Ebay


You also need to do a major hack on the cable from the nav unit. This is a standard Kenwood CD changer cable, so I bought one (Ebay again) and kept the original intact just in case.


I don't like the camaras that tack on or above the licence plate, so I used a bullet camera (guess where from!). However there's nowhere on the centre line of the tailgate with sufficient clearance behind, and drilling a 22mm hole in your car is a bit scary. In the end I drilled straight through the "6" in my registration plate and the tailgate behind, and mounted the camera through there. With the application of an "o" of yellow tape the camera is invisible from a distance, and a new plate will patch things up if I need to.


I also found a reverse parking sensor kit with a video interface, and ran the camera through this so now when I select reverse the camera picture comes up on the screen, with the sensor distances overwritten when I get close to anything.

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You also need to do a major hack on the cable from the nav unit. This is a standard Kenwood CD changer cable, so I bought one (Ebay again) and kept the original intact just in case.


Now we're talking, I had all but given up hearing from anyone about this.....:rolleyes:

Can you describe in more detail the mods needed to the cable?

How do you switch between Nav etc and other sources ie. camera etc?

Are you able to watch DVD on the screen?


Thanks for the update.......:)

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