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What should I pay for a 97 Legacy GT sedan?


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Hi Newbie here, I am currently looking at a 97 Legacy GT sedan with 5sp, 102,000 miles, the dealer seems to be willing to do 4000 is that a good deal? What should I be looking at. Also what service should i expect (or hope that the dealer already done) for car with this mile.


(here's the car in question,http://www.royalontheeastside.com/view_vehicle.php?vin=4S3BD6756V6214903)


Another one that caught my attention is a 98 L wagon, with 150k mile, seems to have alot of work done to it and its significantly cheaper (2800OBO) (http://www.cars.com/go/search/detail.jsp;?tracktype=usedcc&searchType=21&pageNumber=0&numResultsPerPage=50&largeNumResultsPerPage=0&sortorder=descending&sortfield=PRICE+descending&certifiedOnly=false&criteria=K-|E-|M-_45_|B-4000|D-_410_|N-N|R-100|I-1%2c7|P-PRICE+descending|Q-descending|Z-47401&aff=national&paId=294603818&recnum=1&leadExists=true)



Which one will you guys recommend? I am mainly looking to use it as a winter car and nothing else



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Well looking at edmunds on the 97 GT, the dealer retail value is only $2900. If you had to trade it back in on something you could expect about $1700. That being the case yeah $4k is too much. Their asking price of $5988 is ridiculous. I wouldn't pay more than $3k or so. Again, this is based off edmunds, which imo is more realistic to true market conditions than kelly blue book. Kbb prob lists the dealer price close to 6k.
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At 102K, you're looking at the very least to have the timing belt and valves adjusted at 105K. Timing belt will cost at least $375 from the dealer; I have no idea about the valve adjustment. Other things you should look at getting done while everything is apart:


- water pump

- front main seal

- camshaft seals

- drive belts

- hoses


Then, there's condition of the clutch. That's a $1.5K+ job at the dealer. Also, was the headgasket replaced? They're notorious for blowing right around 60K.


With that many miles on the car, you could be looking at a lot of potential problems. Good news would be once they're done, the car should last you a while. I recently traded in a 98GT with ~125K on it, so I have a pretty good idea of what needs to be done.

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