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Control Sirius Sportster 5 with factory HU....


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here's the deal. we all know our HU can have Satellite radio, if you pay the $$ to buy the Subaru module. But if you are like me, i already have a Sportster 5, adding the Factory Sirius unit would mean i'd have to pay for a 2nd sirius unit on my subscription. you pay extra for each satellite radio, even if only using one at a time... (at least thats what the fine print says)


i've been searching for a way to use that SAT button on my HU, i picked up a H/K Drive and play, just finished the install, and i do like it.


I know about using the AUX-IN, and hacking your HU to use another Aux-in to use the SAT button, BUT you can't use HU to control the Sportster 5.



BUT.... i may have stumbled onto a possible solution.


this does EXACTLY what i want... you hook up your sportster, or any other Dock and Play compatable, and your HU will control the Sportster. :eek:


but you put in the Legacy as your car... shows not compatible. bah...


but wait...


show it is compatible with the Stock HU on a 2008 Legacy... and it says connects to the SCC1 (from above)

that square connector in the picture is one of the square connectors on the back of our stock HU.




note the "Panasonic" labeled on our HU, and the White connector in the back... In "theory" if one was to buy both... the stock HU could control the Sportster 5. :cool:


I may have to Call Crutchfield and discuss with them.



has ANYONE tried this route before?

I may have to be the test rat... If crutchfield has a decent return policy if the setup won't work... i may just try it.


here's the wiring diagram Crutchfield shows, Probably better at explaining my idea than i have here.


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ever do anything with this?


not yet.

I'm waiting till spring to do anything that requires ripping my dash up. (too cold to be outside)


I think i'm going to build a CarPC in the spring, so going to weigh my options then. using the CarPC to control sat, or the stuff here.

Looks like with the CarPC, i'm buying half this anyway... and it works.

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