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stereo/ climate control console unresponsive?


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Has anyone experienced this? I have only had my '05 gt for less than 2 months, and it did something weird today. I went out to get Chinese food and everything was fine. I had the stereo on and the front defogger running.


I turned the vehicle off and went into the restaurant to pick up my dinner and came back out not 2 minutes later. I started the car and drove off. Right after leaving the parking lot I noticed that the stereo was not on, the defogger was going, and the displays on the stereo and climate control were not lit. I tried turning the stereo on: no dice. I tried turning the climate control on; no dice, and I had no control over the defogger. It just kept going like it was before I turned the car off, and I could not control it.


When I got home, I turned the car off and I quickly turned it back on and everything worked like normal again. :confused:


Has anyone else experienced this and does it happen often? Could it be that there was Chinese food in a Japanese car? :eek:



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