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thump when turning right


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Hey guys,


97 Legacy GT, 240,000 miles, needless to say, she's gonna have some ghosts. I just changed out the front left wheel bearing and went ahead & replaced the ball joint while I was there. I replaced both half shafts probably 8-10,000 miles ago. Once I got her back on the ground, I took it for a test drive. All seemed well until I took a right hand corner at around 30 mph and felt a thump, thump, thump. It almost felt like the front left wheel was trying to hop. It wasn't a really sharp corner, just a sweeping s-curve. Curious if you guys have any input as to what my issue might be. I realize there are a lot of factors that come into play. The pavement was wet, my front tires are worn a little funny from the bearing being bad longer than I realized, etc. etc. I'm curious if my issue could be 100% alignment issues after replacing the parts or if it's something mechanical. I hate to pay for an alignment since I am gonna be replacing several more parts over the next few months. New struts, New bearing & ball on the other side, and most likely new tie rod ends. Any ideas?

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