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Rewire udsm taillight...


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I have been wanting a JDM taillight assembly for a while, but after some more research, I guess I have been wanting a blitzen style one. But, since I am unable to spend over 300$ for just a lighting difference, I tried rewiring my brake lights and turn signal lights.


I succeeded somewhat, but Just wanted to know if there would be any harm in doing so.


Like... do the JDM tails have something on the top part of the taillight so when they brake, the lights aren't too bright?


Only thing I could change was the brake light and the turn signal.


So factory USDM would be :::


top part of tail is only turn signal, and bottom of tail is for marker light and brake light.


MY setup is Top of tail is Brake light, and bottom is marker, and turn.


Of course, the picture is just with the left side rewired and just stepping on the brakes with the lights on.



ALSO, not related to this topic, Is there another way to get independent fog lights for 2007 instead of using the http://www.moojohn.com/subaru/fogmod.html method?? I tried splicing some wires in the DRL connectors and I can get independent fog lights, but I blow a fuse when I turn the high beams on...


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in japan now and have noticed the lights for the JDM's are WAY different. the top section is the running light and brake light! the center section is both the reverse and the turn signal; i am guessing that the bottom section is like a rear fog light b/c i never see them on when headlights are on nor when they brake! IDK!



BTW.....you should disconnect you interior 3rd brake light! it looks goofy to have that one and the 3rd brake light in the spoiler....IMHO!

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