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redfly17's MASSIVE part out...


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Hi guys,


This thread was originally in the Member's Classified section but I've decided to move it here as I am only interested in LOCAL buyers. I am looking to sell all parts listed below and will need your OEM part as replacement. After talking with a few shops, I have decided to let Enhanced Street Performance in Sterling, Mass handle all removal and installations. My car will be there by this weekend so you will just have to work out when the shop is available to work on swapping the parts for you. Also, please add 2% for fees if paying through Paypal.


Packages #1 (Exhaust) $1200 :eek:Sold!!!

* Invidia 5MT Catted DP

* Vibrant Performance headers + UP ceramic coated (Blue)

* Perrin Y-pipe

* AVO v2 axlebacks


Package #2 (Turbo) $1500 :eek:

* FP Green 2.4" inlet, 8cm

* AVO 15lb Boost Actuator

* APS BOV with TDC custom tubing

* TDC FMIC alki tapped

* CoolingMist Stage II (Vari-Cool Controller Kit) with TDC custom mounted tank


All parts used for roughly 10k miles...


Disclaimer for the Alki: The kit will come incomplete as I do not want to pull all the tubing and hoses run under my floorboard. What you will get is the pump, nozzle, and controller. What you will need is a new tank and all hosing and wiring. Nothing wrong with the old tank... just think the bracket holding it up looks fugly and a new one should be bought.


Package #3 (Suspension) $1200 :eek:Sold!!!

* Cobb Sway bar kit

* AVO rear endlinks

* KW variant 2 coilover system


The coilovers have been on for exactly a year with about ~10k miles. The Cobb kit has been on for longer. I haven't looked underneath my car so can't tell you the condition but I know theres no damage and I believe there to be minimal rust. I absolutely love my suspension set up! :)


Package #4 (Fuel) $400 :eek:

* DW 740's

* Wahlbro 255l pump (lets switch entire housing)


AP v1 $250

* Cobb AccessPORT v1 with custom TDC maps

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FP Green and stock turbo... this pic was taken about 10k miles ago



FMIC from top



FMIC without bumper cover



coilovers 10k miles ago



here's a pic of the drop it made...



meth kit


I will post new pics this coming weekend when I get a chance.

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My gosh... your car is awsome...sorry you have to let it go.

The air pump I was talking about is on my 08 model for emission purpose.

It sits right in between the battery and the engine so it does not seem like it can be squeezed in.

Anyways, hope it sells!

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