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NY - 05 OBP Legacy GT


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Hi im thinking about selling my LGT. Im located in NY 12590. I wanna get a 06 spec. b, been wanting one for awhile now. Car currently has 36k miles on it, Mods done to it are,


Megan catless uppipe and d/p

perring adjust front and rear sways

Cusco front and rear strut bars

Bilstien rev. a shocks and tein s-tech front and h-tech rears

X02 CBE painted black

RBS Front Lip

JDM spats front and rear

AP V.1

DIY Front Grill

Windows Tinted

Short Shifter

Boost Gauge

K&N Typhoon Intake

Taillights tinted

Headlight painted black.


Im looking to get anywhere from 16-18k for it. Car is in great shape, just been thinking about getting a 06 spec b (cause its god's creation). Pm me with any interest. All these photos were taking today.
























The car is dirty on the inside now, its raining here and there leaves everywhere.




I will sell the car stock also (leave the up-pipe and acessport on it) and will sell it for 15,500 OBO

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What is it about the Spec-B that makes you want to make the switch? I mean the suspension bits and interior are nice, but not worth the $5K+ that you're gonna take to get into one. You can do ALOT with this amount on your current ride.


Secondly, you should take all the mods off and sell as stock, as most of the parts are transferrable over. And you KNOW you'll want to mod the S-B as well after the novelty wears off.

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The whole thing is im looking at one on the site. If i sell mine and pick up this my payments would be exactly the same as im paying for my car now. And since ive been looking at legacy ive always wanted the 06 spec b. If i had the money i would pick up the 07 spec b in a heart beat. If i cant sell it for what i want i wont sell. I love my car just looking to upgrade a lil bit. If i keep it im just gonna save money and either mod this more or buy a 07 spec b.
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