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Stupid noob here


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I am stupid when it comes to searching, I am always looking for somehting and can only find a million threads with the searc criteria that i ma searching. I am looking for instuctions on how to scale my MAF. I have a k & N typhoon intake and I would like to scale it to run with Mikeyd stage 1 rev 3 map. I already have the map loaded and have not logged yet, but from reading on the forum it isn't doing me any good and could accually be hurtin me until i get it scalled. Any help would be apprieciated. Also I have a 2005 LGT 5EAT.


THank you!!!

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You can try the MAF scale from here:




Do NOT use anything other than the MAF Scale and it should be closer than what you have right now.


Stay off boost and then after several days of driving, check your AFR Learning using Learning View. If your AFR Learning D is close to zero than you might be in good shape. You'll still need a WBO2 to make sure.

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